super trio


The super trio is considered to be the epitome of a pro team.
It consists of a screamer III, a cNetter and a tribid.


The main goal of the super trio is to get control of MP and the other team netted within the first few turns. When it starts it's chances to achieve that are close to 100%. Even if it does not start, the chances to turn around the game are pretty high too.

With only one glad that can do decent damage a match may last quite a few turns.

The strategy therefore is rather obvious: Intimidate (all) the hell out of your opponent first with the screamer and the tribid, net the opponents team with the cNetter.

Connected to that strategy are very speciffic speed rules:

  • Screamer III has 515 speed.
  • eithter tribid or cNetter have 476 speed.
  • the remaining glad has 515 speed too.
  • The slowest is in the middle position.

This way no skipping is caused by the speeds of the team.

counter strategy

super trio

The most obvious counter is another super trio: Who starts wins. Or depending on major differences in damage and vitality the 2nd team may be able to cut off a limb of the opponent, resulting in frequent MP-intensive cure-all-moves.

3 Tanks

With 3 tanks on your team you might be able to take out one of the glads (preferably the cNetter) in your first & second turn. Then you can go on keeping 2 screaming glads busy with one of your glads crowd appealing.

The standoff

As the super trio has very stringent requirements for speed, vitality and charisma, normally dex and strength are lacking. Put a deftard in your team and the super trio will have no chance to win.

This is considered as invalid move in some tournaments. Other rules suggest, that if a team can not be killed but netted all the time it has lost.

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