classic noobs 210


This is how most 210-noobs (Yay, i got 3 lvl 70s and one speed set (i read the guides). Now i go multy and kick butt.) start their multyplay career, before getting blown to pieces by the first pro that happens to cross their path.

Trust me: Every pro started that way.

This team consists of a screamer, a protector and a dual wielder.
If it was not that obvious and unsurprising the mechanics behind that team are quite introductory to any advanced team strategy.


  1. Screamer intimidates all. (When you go against a suspected netter or dual wielder with 760 MP intimidate him only.)
  2. Protector protects dual wielder.
    • Pro tip: The protected glad can be seen, when you put the mouse over the protect icon. When both your screamer and your dual wielder have the same closed helmet they are indistinguishable (no beards allowed) and you can try to surprise the opponent by protecting the screamer instead.)
  3. Dual wielder attacks the others.
  4. Screamer intimidates all.
  5. Protector protects screamer.
    • Or the other way round (see above).
  6. Dual wielder attacks the others.
  7. Protector shield-bashes.
  8. Screamer morales all.
  9. ? repeat untill…
  10. Profit!

counter strategy

  • have 760 MP on your netter and your dual wielder(s).
  • have a screamer on your team too, to turn the MP-war around.
  • try to disable the unprotected glad at first turn.
    • suspect intimidation on the dual wielder too.
    • don't assume, that only the protector can cure (look if the other 2 have high vit)
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