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base: 10 (Both female and male)
min: negative (due to speed reductions on some armor-pieces)
max: 515

Speed determines who goes first and how often.
This might not be immediately noticeable when your speed is not much different form your opponent one.
But in the long run the fastest one goes first and gets more turns.

speed=SPD_G+(SPD_W x 0.04 x points_inspeed-boost)
•SPD_G: green bonus figures form the gear
•SPD_W: white figures (from the gear or the points invested in speed)

You want to learn more about speed? Check our article about turntimes


Speed is arguably the most important stat. Higher speed lets you direct the match and often decides the game.

Maximum speed however is not easily achieved. Not only will you need speed boost, all stat points assigned to speed and +20 speed on each item, but also a bladed shield (gives +4 speed extra) and chain mail legpieces (only -4 speed each).
Glads with 515 speed, that u will encounter in multyplay are mostly either netters or screamers, rarely protectors.

Since speed determines who goes first and how many turns you get, it might be of use to calculate how many turns you get versus an opponent. Check our Check our article about turntimes

Now you might think you should build a team with 3 gladiators with 515 speed
Well, … no, it does not work this way. first because if you would do so you would not have a damaging gladiator but alss because it does not work. Time to read our article about placement and skipping

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