Placement and skipping

Before you read this you must have read the article about turntimes

Now you have read our article about turntimes you know what skipping means

Well there are other parameters which can cause skipping:


By placement we are refering to postions of your gladiators in your team in top middle and bottom slots not row placement
Assuming several of your gladiators have similar speeds, you can determine which of goes first by placing them in one slot or another
If you know what you are doing it can give you just the extra edge you need over your opponent

speed limitation

Why not building a team with 3 515?
Because due to a speed limitation, this would result in skipping in the first turn, and that is just not what you want.
In fact to avoid this speed limitation , if you have 2 515 fast gladiators, your third one must be 476 fast maximum. Anything faster would cause skipping.
Also, such a team is called a super trio. and they should be placed as follows: 515 top, 476 middle 515 bottom.

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