morale points


min: 40
max: 730 natural + 160 from gear bonuses which is much more than one could need

It means morale points and you use them every time you want to use a technique (each active skill has a MP cost)

When you purchase a slave he has a defined number of MP.
Every time he fights, he wins some fame and the fame makes his MP rise.


The MP level of your glads conditions what type of build he can or cannot be

The following levels of mp corresponds to the main known effective builds

760 MP : DW or netter
750 MP : ProteCtor II
600 MP: ProteCtor I sCreamer III and Ctribid III
550 MP: sCreamer II and Ctribid II
440 MP: sCreamer ot Ctribid
320 MP: shielbasher

How can I target a specific MP at level 70 ?

If you aim for a 760 (730 natural + 30 from gear) you must buy either 720 or 730 mp ones from londinium and they will be 730 by level 70
Alternatively grind 6,5 millions and purchase a level 70 with the required amount of MP
The first solution is faster

For other figures here are 2 tricks than work fine :

How not to grind mp up?

  • Buy a glad with just 10 mp Under the figure you want to reach
  • Pair your galdiator him with a level 70 able to kill olymp doggies on his own.
  • Train them together versus the Olymp dogs.
  • Your slave level 70 kills all the dogs.
  • The new slave does nothing just keep changing row, do not crowd appeal
  • Make sure the doggies are killed
  • His mp won't rise.
  • Once he is 70 have just a few fights will bring him to the required MP level

How to grind MP up quickly ?

Lets say your galdiator is level 70 has 462 MP but you need 550
You can either do 100 coliseum battles or 200 multiplayer ones, he will eventually reach 550, … one day
Or use the following technique:

  • Set your speed to fast
  • Create Londinium battle with the first level
  • Repeatedly click on crowd appeal , the more you do the more your fame you will get and therefore the faster your MP will rise
  • Then Chop, 1 leg of your opponent, let him bleed out.
  • Keep repeating this process until you are 550

This method will allow you to do it in 1 hour , better than hundreds of fights no ?

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