Protect 0/10
this is the skill used by protectors

Your gladiator jumps in front of the team member you have protected to protect him with his shield

According to the number of points invest in protect your gladiator will jumps in front of the team member you have selected to protect him with his shield
at 1/10 he does it 10% of the times, at 10/10 he does it systematicaly

He will do so for 5 turns nbTurn=0.50+(0.5 x points_inprotect)

Once he starts to protect, you get 1 free turn of block
You can then use either shield-bash or block to get extra turns

Good to know:
If as one would expect, a protector who has lost his shield, can no longer protect, the skill still works if you have been amputed from one leg and have been netted. Your 1 legged protector will jump out of the net to do his job!

There is no point in spending many points in defense on a protector unless the protectee you wish to proctect also have lots of defense
This is is because when he protects, the protector inherits of the protectee defense
Therefore if your opponent can't hit you straight and keeps missing he will have no trouble hitting you when you are protecting someone with no def.

Help !
We know quite a few other formulas about protect but we have not been able to figure out what it means yet
If someone finds, let us know. Here are the formulas:
THROW : Has no protect formula attached to it
PROTECT hitForce=0.50+(2.5 x “POINTS_IN_PROTECT”)
COMBO 2X protect=0.50+(0.05 x “POINTS_IN_PROTECT”)
COMBO 4X protect=0.50+(0.05 x “POINTS_IN_PROTECT”)

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