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MP-cost: 0
min level: 1
skill points: 0

Block allows you to deflect a percentage of incoming hits. The block rate is defined by the shield's block rate and the glad's innate block rate of 10%. so blocking without having a shield does not do much. To be able to block you must either have a shield or your hands full so blocking with only a spear or a single weapon is not possible. With a double hander you can block. But mind you: It's only 10%.

Your dexterity defines the number of turns the block will last: 1 additional block turn for every 25 dex points. Minimum dexterity for one block turn is 13.

More details at: block rate


Block is an option, when you don't have shield bash or when your dex is so high that you can expect more block turns than shield bash will allow. Or when you are completely out of other options: Duck, cover and hope for the best.

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