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This is the first coliseum

Since you are here you might want to check this walkthrough for the single mode
It offers a fast rush to level 210 with no decisions you might regret later on!!!

Like all Coliseum, it has goals:


Please note that in londinium, like in all coliseum, you will find a slavemarket
In the other coliseums the slaves are very expensive.
This is the place where you should buy most if not all the slaves you will ever train.


Not much to say but: At the point where you encounter the first team of three you might want to purchase a 2nd gladiator.

The goals are pretty much self fulfilling. Although it is tempting to use the metals earned, wait till you have reached the rank "God of the Arena" as seen in trophies.

With the option "like us on facebook" you can get an extra silver only by clicking the link. (You don't have to actually like anyone on fb.)

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