Tournament 2017


This year the game celebrates its 5th birthday!

Wouldn't it be a great Idea to host a Tournament?

time independence

As many of the players are scattered around the world a system of rules should be devised, that takes account of the fact that some people don't want to get up at 3am to fight a torney-match against SlayerPaolo1995 from Paraguai (Sorry Paolo if you read this ;).

Wiki as documentation

This wiki does not only allow to keep track of independent matches it would also allow individual players to confirm the outcome of matches.

As this Idea just sprung into my mind I will try a proposal on rules, that can work without a referee who's always present.

We need YOU!

After reading this, please feel free to comment your ideas and improvements to the rules in the "discuss"-section.


Rules (partly based on the rules of the german league)

set up

  • The participants of the tournament should have a wikidot-account so that they can confirm their wins and losses and to enter the lists.
  • Alternatively they could refer to ookeek or sandurus (admins here) to act as a second to their claims.
  • A deadline for entering the turney should be set.
  • Optional: Depending on the number of participants, a group stage could be devised.
    • Discussion: Groups = People from same timezone?
    • Does that make sense considering the numbers of players in europe or in the US?
    • Pro: Gives more people a fair chance to ascend the lists even if their first opponent is an ancient pro.
    • Con: makes it diffficult and inflexible.
  • 2 Players can agree on counting any match as a tourney match.
  • The outcome of that match is recorded and confirmed on this wiki (An extra form will be provided to make it as easy as possible).
  • There should be 3 classes and a winner in each:
    • 3vs3
    • 2vs2
    • 1vs1


  • all use of hacks, cheats and bugs (like double shields). Suspected players can legitimise via screenshots to assigned referees of the tournament.
  • verbal offenses to other players.

general rules

  • what you start your match in counts. (no complaining about wrong lineop, gear and glads afterwards)
  • no netting in 1vs1- & 2vs2-matches
  • the 2 players of a pairing invite alternately (2 matches per pairing). Here's a proposal:
    • 1st match: Player A selects his team. Player B can choose his/hers after reviewing player A's but has to invite.
    • 2nd match: Player B selects his team. Player A can choose his/hers after reviewing player B's but has to invite.
  • For the 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 the contestants can decide on individual rules (like no intimidation or attacks on legs).


  • Each pairing (same players / same class) counts only once.
    • Players can agree to fight a rematch (1st & 2nd leg) but then the rematch counts.
  • win: 3 points, tie: 1 point
  • To evade a strict rule on defense and strength limits which were discussed controversially here's an alternative for a tie:
    • When 2 players agree, that neither of them can win the match, the player with more glads standing wins 2 points instead of 1.
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