Since the release of the game in 2012 there have been a number of tournaments. Each following specific rules. In this section we'll try to put together a bit of history on the best players. As only the german league has had the chance to contact this wiki our collection will start with them. All other histories are also welcome and can be included here. Post to the "discuss"-section of this page.


German league*

  • as of 2014 there were 8 leagues with 6 players each.
  • The best players of each league will then fight against each other.


  • all use of hacks, cheats and bugs (like double shields). Suspected players can legitimise via screenshots to assigned referees of the tournament.
  • verbal offenses to other players.

general rules

  • what you start your match in counts. (no complaining about wrong lineop, gear and glads afterwards)
  • the 2 players of a pairing invite alternately (2 matches per pairing)
  • netting is only allowed in 3 vs. 3 matches.
  • defense maximum: 300
  • strength maximum: 300
  • when 2 contestants reach the same count, the winner is decided via a 3 vs. 3 autoplay match.
  • For the 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 the contestants can decide on individual rules (like no intimidation or attacks on legs).
  • In the return-match the losing party can change 1 gladiator.


  • pre tournament (league-fights)
    • 6 fights each against each (1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 x 2 each)
    • 3 points per won match
    • 1 point for a tie.
  • "small" final
    • between the 2nd best players from the leagues in 2 leagues
    • the best of that 2nd leagues fight for rank 3.
  • final
    • between the best players from the leagues in 2 leagues.
    • the best of that 1st leagues fight for rank 1.


It is also possible for people, who never parttook in a tournament actively to end up in a listing. So here are the tournament-ranks.

  • (D) = Germany
  • (S) = Spain
  • (TW) = included on percentual basis from matches against german or spanish players
tournament rank1 rank 2 rank3
2012 T1 Hauptmann (D) Salt-N-Pepper (S) Fatal Justice (D)
2012 T2 Hauptmann (D) Fairy Trail (TW) Salt-N-Pepper (S)
2013 T1 Sleepy (TW) Fatal Justice (D) Hauptmann(D)
2013 T2 Sleepy (TW) Hauptmann (D) Burranndonnnn (TW)
2014 T1 Burranndonnnn (TW) Sleepy16 (TW) JKFast (TW)
2014 T2 Sleepy (TW) Kingsgard (D) Burranndonnnn (TW)
2014 T3 Kingsgard (D) Sleepy16 (TW) Hauptmann (D)
2014 T4 Kingsgard (D) Tony427 (TW) Lowrado (TW)
2015 T1 Tony427 (TW) 102 Dalmatian (TW) UltimaPain (D)
2015 T2 UltimaPain (D) Mr.Mister (TW) Tony427 (TW)
2015 T3 UltimaPain (D) Mr.Mister (TW) Salt-N-Pepper (S)
2015 T4 Tony427 (TW) GoldenGirls (D) UltimaPain (D)
2016 T1 Kingsgard (D) UltimaPain (D) Ookeek (TW)
2016 T2 UltimaPain (D) Ookeek (TW) Kingsgard (D)

* Information courtesy to Chaos3000

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