Did you learnt Something at school ? No. Here it is the same. In your school, slaves learn Nothing. Its just a stock for your gladiators
All together you can have up to 12 slaves but I recomend to have 11 only because if you have 12 , you can no longer make a team of 1 Also 1V1 is fun as well

your team

Here you decide:

  • Which gladiator is part of your team
  • Their placement
  • Their row though we strongly recomend you keep them in the front.
  • Whether they play on auto mode or manual


The first decision will be if your team will start the game. This defines if the strategy is offensive or defensive.

Classic opening moves for a starting team are netting or intimidating as netters and screamers are usually the fastest glads.

Most pro-teams play with decent vitality (way above 100) to avoid having to employ a protector which can be a hinderance in advanced fighting. But in most cases, when using a protector it will be the 2nd tranche relying on high speed and very decent vit (160 and above).

The slowest are mostly the damaging glads as they rely on strength and (a bit of) dexterity too.

Team setups

There is no perfect team. There is not even a team that is guaranteed to win when it starts. Although some are close to that.

The beauty of this game is it's assymetry. Meaning, that whenever someone presents a team that seems impossible to win against, you can think of weak points to exploit. The stat- and skill distribution offers ample room for alternatives.

So here are a few suggestions (Add your own setup if you like by using the "new team"-button on the left.)

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