Did you learnt Something at school ? No. Here it is the same. In your school, slaves learn Nothing. Its just a stock for your gladiators
All together you can have up to 12 slaves but I recomend to have 11 only because if you have 12 , you can no longer make a team of 1 Also 1V1 is fun as well

your team

Here you decide:

  • Which gladiator is part of your team
  • Their placement
  • Their row though we strongly recomend you keep them in the front.
  • Whether they play on auto mode or manual

Team setups

There is no perfect team, there is not even a team that is guaranteed to win, when it starts. Although some are close to that.

The beauty of this game is it's assymetry. Meaning, that whenever someone presents a team that seems impossible to win against, you can think of weak points to exploit. The stat- and skill distribution offers ample room for alternatives.

So here are a few suggestions (Add your own setup if you like by using the "new team"-button on the left.)

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