Surprise Tactics


The problem with all the glads setups is that skills and with them their first moves can be predicted fairly easy. Here are a few examples:

  • Screamers usually have high speed and middle MP
  • Netters have high speed, decent vitality
  • Both carry bladed shields and chains mail legs
  • both usually have low strength and low dex
  • Protectors high speed & high vitality
  • Dual wielders focus on speed dexterity and strength and are usually protected
  • a.s.o.

To give you advantage over your opponent you can try to surprise him some tactics will work once only, some can be recycled.

surprise protection

When you have 2 glads that you intend to protect it is useful to have them wear the same closed helmet, so that your opponent does not know which one you have protected first. Protect the more unlikely first. you can swap to "normal" in a rematch. Pretty annoying!

netting dual wielder

Looks like a fast dual wielder but actually is a netter. 'nuff said.

screaming dual wielder

Not that surprising because of middle MP but still…

screaming protector

Surprisingly not using speed boost to be able to get to intimidate all. Backdraw: Not very fast (max 383 speed)

See also spanish inquisition.

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