There are different types of stats.

  • Ones that increase over time like level/experience or morale points.
  • Ones that you can distribute rather freely according to the stat points earned by reached gladiator levels.
  • And ones that are calculated accourding to other stats like health points.

You can assign the earned stat points in the skills-menu.


If you are wondering which stats are important (speaking on a general average setup), you can use the following hints as a guideline:

  • Charisma is only important for screamers and advanced tanks: Try to get it from equipment
  • Strength can be very usefull when dealing damage, for instance for dual wielders or shield bashers.
  • Dexterity is good for getting crits: Try to get your dex from equipment.
  • Defense: Don't invest in it.
  • Speed: Very important, gives u the upper hand in a match.
  • Vitality: Try to get it from equipment. In some cases extra Investment pays off.
  • HP is calculated from your level and your vitality.
  • MP: only a few will do to get your MP-intensive glads from 730 MP to 760 MP.

There are the following stats:

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