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There are 5 different types of spears in olympus shop:
name image min damage max damage
strong superior spear strong_superior_spear.png 84 101
strong superior trident strong_superior_trident.png 86 103
strong superior halberd strong_superior_halberd.png 89 106
strong superior curved trident strong_superior_curved_trident.png 81 116
strong superior pilum strong_superior_pilum.png 88 110

Curved tridents have the highest maximum damage whereas pilums have the highest minumum damage. The average damage is the same for both.


Generally speaking pilum and curved trident offer quite a lot of damage compared to single handed weapons. Only the strong superior axe surpasses them. (I am speaking of shop items here).

Paired with the throw skill, which crits most often of any attack technique, they are fearsome weapons which should be considered for damaging glads with low to middle MP.

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