Single Handed Weapon
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There are 12 different single handed weapons in the olympus shop:
name image min damage max damage
strong superior knife strong_superior_knife.png 45 55
strong superior gladius strong_superior_gladius.png 48 58
strong superior stiletto strong_superior_stiletto.png 58 72
strong superior sword strong_superior_sword.png 77 88
strong superior mace strong_superior_mace.png 64 107
strong superior curved sword strong_superior_curved_sword.png 83 90
strong superior hammer strong_superior_hammer.png 71 110
strong superior sica strong_superior_sica.png 90 96
strong superior saber strong_superior_saber.png 87 101
strong superior spiked mace strong_superior_spiked_mace.png 74 116
strong superior war hammer strong_superior_war_hammer.png 75 123
strong superior axe strong_superior_axe.png 77 129

Single handed weapons do not have base bunusses like charisma although you could infer, that the damage value is similar to a bonus in strength.

Neglecting additional bonusses, damage is the prime stat you are looking for in a weapon for damaging glads. (Cpt. Obvious speaking.) However, the damage value of your left hand weapon is unimportant, so also weak weapons with good bonus stats have their right.


You will get pretty decent axes from the olympus shop, but comparing them to weapons crafted from blacksmith their damage difference is striking. If you find a weapon at blacksmith that has fewer bonus stats than one found at the shop, never forget to add the damage difference to compare them.

Myth busters:

  • False information on a guide has led many people to beleive that weapons with samller range of DGM crit more often then the ones with larger ranges. It is false check our article about crits.
  • The best single hands weapons are the one with high damage. It is true but not if you place the weapon in the left hand of a dual-wielder. Their damage is calculated from the weapon which is placed in their right hand. Therefore for your dual-wielder could fight with a toothpeek in his left hand providing this toothpeek has good bonuses.
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