In every city of Sands of the Coliseum there exists a shop purveying gear of different quality.

Not only do the armor- and damage-values increase as u travel from city to city but also the additional bonusses. Here are the caps for individual (green) stat-bonusses:

  • Londinium: +2
  • Massilia: +4
  • Nicomedia: +6
  • Tarsus: +8
  • Syracuse: +10
  • Carthargo: +12
  • Alexandria: +14
  • Athena: +16
  • Rome: +18
  • Olympus: +20

Unlike the blacksmith the shops only offer 4 additional bonusses on each item.
But in Olympus, each of these bonuses can go up to 20

buying items

Drag the piece from the shop-area, drop it into your inventory-area and confirm the transaction (giving gold pieces).

selling items

Drag the piece from the inventory-area, drop it into your shop-area and confirm the transaction (recieving gold pieces).)


The place you want to shop is Olympus.
Do not waste time in the other coliseums, rush to olympus skipping as many matches as possible. You will complete the challenges later once you have good gear.
Sometimes you want a specific item (for example a blade-shield with +20 speed). You can skim the shop and after closing and saving refresh the game (F5). The shop will be refreshed too.
When you shop you can also use 2 tabs, one loads the game while you are searching what is in the other shop. This can improve your shopping productivity by 50 %.

You might not know it but what makes the difference in between a noob and a brillant player is not only his understanding of this game, but also his gear. the more often you refresh the shop, the more likely you will find gems like weapons and gear.
Once you are 210, you are still weak and you must spend some time searching the shop to become good.
In fact to become good, you should spend much more time here than fighting.

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