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There are 5 basic types of shields in the olympus-shop as well as the blacksmith:
name image charisma bonus speed malus min damage max damage max block rate
strong small golden shield strong_small_golden_shield.png 4 -3 51 129 38
strong blade shield strong_blade_shield.png 10 4 64 123 45
strong large golden shield strong_large_golden_shield.png 8 0 84 149 51
strong golden scutum shield strong_golden_scutum_shield.png 13 -6 90 175 58
strong golden kite shield strong_golden_kite_shield.png 12 -6 97 181 58


The kite and the scutum shield offer basically the same block rates (up to 58 in shop / up to 72 blacksmith) while the kite shield is a bit superior in damage.

The large golden shield can be an option for fast protectors, especially the one from blacksmith which surpasses all regular shields in terms of block rate and damage. Additionally the large golden shield has no speed loss.

The blade shield is compulsory for top speed glads. It is the only item which offers an extra (native) speed bonus of up to +4.

Forget the small golden shield. It's crap in any case.

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