There are no decisions in this walkthrough you will regret later on!!!
And it is a fast rush to olymp.

Getting a team

  • Pick your first glad as female.
  • Start in londinium, giving your first glad a shield and shield-bash asap.
  • buy two MP 730 or MP 720 glads from slave market and equip them as the first (same skills).
  • spend points on speed only.
  • loot or buy basic armor, shields and spears.

Updating skills and stats

  • put skill points to the following skills in that order (for all 3):
  • spend stat points only for speed. (at least till you reach olympus)
  • you can choose to add to strength instead of speed when grinding to reduce the time of each match.


  • swap shields for ones with higher block rates & try to get some additional vitality from equipment.
  • don’t shop for any other items until you reach olympus. (Nicomedia has shields with 47% and no speed loss – pretty decent)

finishing the game

  • try to get through all coliseums quickly ignoring the goals at first.
  • get to olympus (primary place for shopping)
  • your prime goal in olympus is to get a maximum speed set: 20 speed on every item, legs have to be chain mail (only -4 speed), shield has to be bladed (4 speed extra).
  • armor value does not really matter.
  • get one set with high stats in speed, dexterity & strength
  • get one set with high speed & vitality
  • and one with high speed
  • finish all the goals leaving only the contenders in rome. (It's reported, that it is possible to finish the contenders at level 39. Better reach lvl 70 first: it's easier that way.)
  • grind a bit further against olympus’ lowest opponent

reset & finale

  • take your initial glad (she should be at around 400-440 MP now) and make her a screamer: put on the max speed set (or the one that’s closest to max speed) skills: 15/15 speed boost, 10/10 intimidate all. all stat pts. to speed = screamer.
  • next glad will become a dual wielder (speed/dex/str-set): skills: 10/10 combo 4, skipping blood rage with 1 pt. 15/15 dex boost. give him 300 dex (it's possible with fewer dex too, but you will have to quit some contender matches), no fewer than 197 speed and the rest to strength.
  • finally your protector: 15/15 speed boost, 10/10 protect (no more than 10/15 do def boost) cure 10/10 (in multyplay intimidate is better as a 2nd skill for the protector, but against the rome contenders you'll need at least one glad that is able to cure). stats: over 150 vit (160 is better), rest to speed (bonus if you can make up vit from equipment.)

last goal: the 20 contenders in rome

The strategy to be able to win against all teams

Same strategy in every match:

  • 1st intimidate all: no more net, no more combo 4
  • 2nd protect the dual wielder: no need to protect the screamer.
  • 3rd kill the opponents with the dual wielder (Dual wielders & 2-handers disabled first hand)

Lazy method

  • 3 Tank Team with ~100 dexterity, 100 vitality, 200 strength & 200 Speed.
  • Fight only Teams you can win against:
    • You won't be able to hit the shield bashers.
    • The Dual wielders will be too fast for you (unless they make a mistake).
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