Multyplay is the most intersting part of the game where players play versus players. Here you won't fight the dumb AI but real people, although some are dumber than the AI. If you encounter top level (70) glads in multy, better expect, that they (think they) know, what they are doing.

When you win, you can earn metals (random 1 every 10 wins or so).


It is considered polite to comment "gg" after a match (meaning "good game"). Some noobs inexperienced players consider this as insult.

for pros

Try "lol, ez, noob!" instead.
So when you have vanquished someone thoroughly, you could offer help instead (link Keep your critique constructive.

for people with limited game experience ;)

Don't assume rule 1 of multyplay: "If it beats me it must be hacked!" (DON'T)
Although glads keep ripping out their entrails in the arena, the players are (mostly) friendly gals/guys who like to share their experience of the game. It even can be possible, that someone gives you a leg up by letting you defeat a lvl 70-glad pushing you instantly from level 1 to level 9. Also getting killed a few times by a high level team can give you quite a bit of starting capital (up to 1680 gp / lost match). MAny pro's will gladly do that (because they get a chance to earn metal in turn).

If you are defeated constantly, remember: No team is invicible! (Exception: cheats & modders)

Cheaters & modders

There are some game hosts, that have a hacked version of the game online that allows you (almost) infinite stats and all skills.

There is also a site, where players van modify their save tokens to get "perfect" or above gear, unlimited money and/or gold-metal.

The good

Having said that, there are many modders who do it openly and state the fact that they have adapted their team before a match: This is totally OK. Those encounters can be very useful to determine under which circumstances a team will work.

The bad

Others however try to hide the fact, that they are modded and they pose as normal teams. Here are some tricks and how to spot them:

  • damage
    • High damage on weapon/spear: Strength and "normal" weapon damage don't add up to the damage value of thet glad.
    • High damage on shield: you will notice, when they shield bash.
  • block rate
    • difficult to notice: but after seeing a bladed shield blocking 3 combo x4 in a row you can draw conclusions.
  • bonus stats
    • difficult to notice, but when they get close to the maximum someone could possibly achieve with normal items, "add friend" and look up their won matches: If they have below 1000 they are very probably modded.
    • add up the stats and try to figure out if it is over the total. list of gear can help.

The ugly

Easy to spot, when you know the maximum stats:

  • CHA: < 800
  • STR: 521
  • DEX: 508
  • DEF: 516
  • SPE: 515 (chain mail legs & bladed shield needed, if they have other gear: modded)
  • VIT: 383
  • HP: < 25.000
  • DMG max: < 800

Those stats are the individual maximums, maximum on even only 2 of them on the same glad are impossible.


As modding of the game also allows to set the price for winning (or losing) against the modded team to negative, bad things can happen in multy.

You can take precautions by opening a 2nd tab with the game running and if you discover something like this, roll back to the uninfected tab.


If you see someting like the above or negative gold pieces, it might also help to open a 2nd tab with the game without leaving the results screen of the match that caused the infection. Whatever you do, don't save the infected tab.

If you have been infected already, you can contact us in the forum. We might be able to help.


From time to time some players announce a tournament to be taken part in in multyplayer. As the game is online however there are sometimes problems with different timezones.
Also different tounaments sometimes follow different rules.

For past listings have a look at tournament.

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