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There are 5 different types of leg pieces in the olympus shop:
name image charisma bonus speed malus max armor
strong purple steel and golden plate strong_purple_steel_and_gold_plate.png 22 -6 363
strong steel and gold plate strong_steel_and_gold_plate.png 21 -6 363
strong steel plate strong_steel_plate.png 19 -6 363
strong studded bronze plate strong_bronze_plate.png 18 -5 324
strong chains mail strong_chains_mail.png 14 -4 278


Noteworthy because of their armor and native charisma bonus is the strong purple steel and golden plate leg piece. But with a malus of -6 in speed it is suitable in the support-gladiator-department only for tribids.

The strong chains mail leg pieces are compulsory for top speed support-glads.

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