There are many types of gladiator-builds. Each of them requires a specific distribution of skills and stats to work satisfactory against different kind of opponents.

The main challenge is to find a team of glads that actually work together to overcome the opponent's team.


There is one stat that is crucial to every succeeding team: Speed. And to a varying degree vitality. If you have none of both you will probably get crushed pretty fast in multyplay.

damaging gladiators

Speed, strength and dexterity are your friends here. And vitality of course when you go without a protector.
You may either choose a dual wielder or a tank for that purpose. Tharex builds with 2-handed weapons are outdated. They had their time before the game-update in 2013 but since then are inferior to the above mentioned builds.

support gladiators

They have to be fast and vital. Simple netters & protectors rely mostly on that 2 stats. They are fairly easy to build.
Screamers on the other hand also need a lot of charisma additionally.

multy purpose gladiators

Those are the most difficult to build and can be a real pain in the ass for any opponent. They need stats from charisma, speed, dexterity, strength and vitality. Considering a maximum of 4 individual bonusses in the shop of Olympus they are a real challenge to build.

To help you along, here are different builds:

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