At level 210 we all have 70 points to invest in skills ans 213 points to invest in stats.
What makes the difference?

  • Your understanding of the game
  • Your strategy
  • Your gear

Main characterisitcs of gear:


shield_ DMG and DMG

This is the damage range of the piece of gear.
In the Damage calculation formulas you will find through this wiki they are refered as :

  • For shields, shield_ DMG ranges from: DMGMINSHIELD_E to DMGMAXSHIELD_E
  • For weapons, DMG ranges from DMGMIN_E to DMGMAX_E

Colors from weakest to strongest



  • In the shop: What it costs to purchase it
  • In your inventory: its selling value. We agree, Yes the shop keeper is a theif !

Cha base bonus.

This base bonus is extremly important if you want to build a glad that can recover his mp in one crowd appeal

Block rate

Without a shield a gladiator can block he has 10 % block rate
The shield block rate indicates you how much % more you will block if you use this sheild

Speed or dex bonus/malus

This base bonus should be taken into account if you want to reach maximums in speed or dex


In the shop

  • You can get up to 4 bonuses on a piece of gear.
  • Each of these bonuses can have up to +20 points

At the Blacksmith

  • You can craft pieces of gear with up to 6 bonuses.
  • Each of these bonusses can have up to +20 points


Types of gear :

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