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How do I fight? (Yes, this question is really asked frequently.)

  1. Click londinium.
  2. Click coliseum.
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Click on an unlocked opponent.

How do I sell stuff?

Drag and drop in shop

How do I disembowl/decapitate?

  1. Get head/body to bleed.
  2. Let it bleed until almost bled out.
  3. Hit hardest.

Shall I craft metal?

When you have reached the rank "god of the arena", yes!
When you do, try multy tabbing.

When will I reach the rank "God of the Arena"?

After about 600 wins, most of them against rome or above.

How can I beat the goal (insert challenge here)?

Come back later when you have a higher level.

Help. I'm stuck!

Try this walkthrough.

What do I have to do to get metals in multyplay?

Win as often as you can. There is a chance of 1/10th per win to get a metal. It does not matter whom you fight. Slaying a level 1 also can get you gold.

Is it better to go alone for grinding experience?

No, it does not matter if you go alone or with a team. All glads will gain the same experience. MP gain however depends of the dealt damage and the individual crowd appeals.

How do i grind MP?

For those last few MP with a middle MP-value as a goal:

  • Fight in Londinium.
  • Crowd appeal as often as u can/like in the fight.
  • Win the fight.
  • Grant the crowd's wish.

Important: The last few MP to 730 (maximum MP) are a bugger to grind. It is faster to train a lvl 1 glad to lvl 70 than to grind from 710 MP to 730 MP!

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