Doublehanded weapon
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There are 5 different double handed weapons in the olympus shop:
name image min damage max damage
strong superior twohanded mace strong_superior_twohanded_mace.png 90 129
strong superior twohanded sword strong_superior_twohanded_sword.png 97 123
strong superior twohanded hammer strong_superior_twohanded_hammer.png 64 168
strong superior twohanded spiked mace strong_superior_twohanded_spiked_mace.png 103 142
strong superior twohanded axe strong_superior_twohanded_axe.png 97 155

…and all of them are crap. Here's why:


We will not develop a section about 2 handed weapons because:

  • They do not deliver lots of damage:
    • With 455 STR and a crafted superior axe, at the very best you would deliver up to 800 damage with a strong hit, 1600 when you crit and 1452 with a power Attack (it does not crit)
    • If you compare with combo 4 (up to 4500 DMG) and shieldbash (crits over 2500)
  • if you have a 2 handed weapon you loose half of the bonuses you could have with two weapons or one weapon/spear and a shield
  • Lose one limb and you are done.

So 2 handed weapons are crap!

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