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There are 6 types of breastplate in the olympus shop:
name image charisma bonus dexterity malus max armor
strong purple and gold breastplate strong_purple_and_gold_breastplate.png 26 -6 760
strong superior breastplate strong_superior_breastplate.png 22 -5 740
strong laced plate strong_laced_plate.png 25 -5 623
strong breastplate strong_breastplate.png 23 -5 518
strong lorica segmentata strong_lorica_segmentata.png 23 -3 518
strong platebelt strong_platebelt.png 25 0 493


For support gladiators the strong purple and gold breastplate would be the best choice provided the additional stats are right as they offer the highest armor and the highest native charisma bonus.

For damaging glads the strong platebelt can be a viable option because it has no dexterity-malus.

The strong breastplate is the crappiest of them all.

There are pages on the following breastplates:

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