The Smith crafts gear pieces and weapons.
Contrary to the shop, here items have up to 6 bonuses
Each bonus is limited to 18

Do not waste metals


You want to try? Fair enough , try with bronze.
But if you want to get the best of your metal, wait until you have maxed out exp. (level: God of the Arena)


This will occur when you will have maxed out exp, somewhere around 600 fights if I recall well.

How can earn more metal?

You can earn metals by completing each coliseum goals.
You will earn metals when you win in multiplayer mode, roughly 1 metal for 10 wins. It is random, you can earn a gold for defeating a level 1 and a bronze or nothing for defeating a level 210

Multi tabbing: get the most of your metals

The odds for the smith to craft an excellent item are worst than in the shop because metal is quite rare and gold bars even more rare

If you want to get the most of your metal here is a nice trick: Multi tab.

  • Open 5 to 12 tabs of the game according to what your pc can handle.
  • Disconect internet
  • Craft 1 metal in each tab
  • Close the tabs where the Smith work is not very good (most likely you will close the 5 to 12 tabs)
  • If you got Lucky and crafted a true gem, reconnect internet and save the game on the active tab

This way you get to choose what the Smith crafts for your golds and silvers
You will , with time craft excellent stats shields with up to 72 block rate, Deadly spears and dreafull axes and swords…

Tip : do a few series of 5 to 12 tabs everyday (5 series of 12 takes roughly 1 hour)

Here is an example of what you can get after many many series:

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