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There are 5 different types of armpieces in the olympus shop
name image charisma bonus dexterity malus max armor
strong large plated galerus strong_large_plated_galerus.png 16 -5 389
strong large purple plated galerus strong_large_purple_plated_galerus.png 19 -5 389
strong golden galerus strong_golden_galerus.png 17 -5 324
strong simple galerus strong_simple_galerus.png 9 -5 324
strong lorica segmentata strong_lorica_segmentata_arm.png 4 0 233


The strong large purple plated galerus is your choice for all support gladiators as it offers the highest protection paired with the highest native charisma bonus.

The strong lorica segmentata may be a choice for damaging gladiators as it has no malus on dexterity. Note that armor and charisma are rather low.

And again: Not only the base bonusses count. If the additional stats are right, buy it.

There are pages on the following armpieces:

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