Tribids are hybrids, meaning that this build is a mixture of classes, and serves various purposes.
It is not purely support based, nor is it purely Attack based.
It is based of Fibrid and screamers

Several kinds of tribids

Ctribid III

needed gear

Although Tribids are fast I they are also meant to deliver damage using shieldbash. Therefore I would recommend a crafted kite or scutum shield even though it has a speed malus.
Alternatively a crafted bladed shield offers a decent damage with a speed bonus
Chainmails leg pieces might also help achieve the speed requirement

skill set

the general skill set of a tribid is:


Tribids are meant to allow you to have an extra screamers in your team

Always focus on controlling the MP war in the beginning of each match using intimidation or intimidation-all, before proceeding to attack the opponent with throw or shield-bash.

In some cases, for instance when facing an enemy who is using a dual-wielder or any other kind of high damage glad, it may be wise to use shield-bash early in one of the game to avoid losing a limb. Then resume on controling MP before you attack.

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