A tank is a glad that can suffer a considerable bit of abuse (physically & mentally) while being able to do serious damage.


One crucial point is to be able to crowd appeal all your MP in one go while having just enough MP to perform your most expansive skill after being intimidated (all).


  • CHA: min 135
  • STR: ~150
  • DEX: ~100
  • DEF: -
  • SPE: min 197
  • VIT: >100
  • MP: 300-375

You can vary between speed and strength. DEX and VIT should remain unchanged.


  • throw: 5-10
  • life boost: 1-9
  • cure: 10
  • boost morale: 10
  • intimidation: 10
  • shield bash: 10
  • combo x2: 5
  • speed boost: 15/15


The opponent will need 2 screamers to keep your glad at 0MP. Even when you have below 375 MP and are intimidated directly you still have enough to shield bash, throw, intimidate (back) or boost morale of another glad.

Those glads require quite a bit of fine tuning between speed and strength.

See also 3 tanks.

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