Speed Based Dw
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Speed Based Dws deliver lower damage per turn
They are used to control enemy MP then rely on theur speed to get more turns to deal damage


They must have 760 MP or more

skill set

  • 10 Combox2
  • 15 Speed boost
  • 15 Strengh boost
  • 01 blood rage
  • 10 Combox4
  • the rest goes either in :
    • boost morale and intimidation

They can then be used to control MP

blood speed:
A 476 fast gladiator with full blood speed becomes 571 fast when he bleeds
And with this speed your opponent 515 fast gladiators will be skipped


CHA: not really relevant
STR: 120 +
DEX: 100 +
DEF: -
SPD: 476 because it is the fastest they can be if paired with 2 515
VIT: 100+ (if less that 100 you need a protector in your team)

variant: netting-dw

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