Screamers are support gladiators,
They are based of the provocatores skill tree with a full speed boost
They are used to control MP during the fight, they can also cure-all your team and restore the MP of the other team members.

They are called screamers because when they use intimidation and intimidation all, they scream at their opponents.

Types of screamers

Which type of screamer should I build?

Shopping the needed gear for a screamer is not easy and requires to spend a lot of time in the shop.
For a screamer full set it takes more or less 3 hours of shopping constantly refreshing the game to have a new stock in olymp shop.
sCreamers are better beacause they can crowd appeal in one turn their MP but they require much better gear. Also you should start to build one or two Screamer, then with time, you upgrade them to sCreamer I then II and eventually III.

needed gear

A screamer MUST have a speed of 515 fast so he can scream first
To achieve this speed, you MUST have a full set of gear with 20 speed bonuses including:

MP required

According to the type of screamer you are building, your gladiator must have specific MP levels

Main skill settings

15 speed boost- 10 intimidation- 10 morale all- 5 intimidation all - 5 cure all
Variant : only 5 Morale all - 5 shield bash

Points distribution:

Since you MUST 515 speed, your 213 stat point must be invested in speed,
All the other stats requirements must come from gear bonuses

Stat Requirements:

Minimum :

  • Speed 515,
  • Vitality 100 +
  • Cha or not according to the type of screamer you want to build

Optional :

  • eventualy some strength
  • eventually some dex


Fighting with screamers
Screamers are support gladiators they are meant to control the MP of your opponents
Focus on this task until you have full control of the MP then thy can take their share of the fight
Obviously they can not no a lot of damage but this is not an issue, since your opponent has no MP heis entire team can't use any technique
You have to make sure your placement is correct to get the most of your 515 speed

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