Protectors use the protect-skill to jump in front of the protected glad to deflect incoming blows. The more points you invest in protect, the liklier it is that the protector actually protects: So if you build a protector your protect-skill should be full.

Skills (should have)

Skills (intimidating protector)

Skills (curing protector)


A protector must be fast and vital. Your aim is to get 170 vitality from equipment and as much speed as you can get.

Important: Defense is useless on a protector. While protecting (jumping in front of the blow) he "inherits" the defense of the protected glad.

Only use a curing protector if you don't have any other glad on your team that can cure (sufficiently). The protector will only have 2 turns out of 5 when he can use the additional skill. Supporting your team with boost morale or intimidation however can be a great asset.

Pro teams of late seem to go without protector in general. Because protectores are rather passive builds they can be a considerable hinderance in the opening of a match.

Oh and one thing: Always have at least 13 dexterity on your protector. This gives a minimum of 1 block turn, should he have run out of MP to shield bash.

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