Netting DW


Obviously, since its a dual-wielder he has no blade-shield and therefore he can not be 515 fast
The idea is to make your opponent beleive that it is a speed-based-dw

Needed gear

circa 20 speed chail mail leg pieces would greatly help because of the speed malus (only -4) but are not a must
circa 20 speed full set of including 2 single-handed-weapon


Like a netter and a dual-wielder he must have 760 MP

Needed stats

Skill distribution:

5 /10 throw
15/15 life-boost
10/10 cure
1/10 dodge-plus
9 / 10 bleed-reduce
5/5 net
10/10 combox2
15/15 speed-boost


It might work only once vs one particular opponent but he will beleive it is a speed-based-dw
He is slower but can deliver damage via combo 2

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