Netters are support gladiators known for their ability to use nets to entangle one or several enemies



Netters have 2 variants:

Needed gear

20 speed chail mail leg pieces on each leg because of the speed malus (only -4)
20 speed blade-shield because of the speed bonus (+4)
20 speed full set of gear including a spear


Netters Must have 760+ MP

Needed stats



Skill distribution:

5 to 10 /10 throw If your gear also offers enough strenght to deal significant damage 10/10 if not invest the 5 points in bleed-reduce
1-14/15 life-boost
10/10 cure
1/10 dodge-plus
10 / 10 bleed-reduce
5/5 net
5/5 combox2
15/15 speed-boost
The 5 remaining points can be invested in either: bleed-reduce, boost-morale or shield-bash


In coliseum mode you can only net 1 opponent at a time

In multiplayer mode you can net several: Your first net never misses, then skip 1 or 2 turns of the enemy turns before you net a second opponent, else you will miss. Then net the 3rd.
From then, as long as you do not kill or chop a limb of a netted opponent, you should no longer miss.

Once he has been intimidate all a netter as 190 MP , enough to net you then need to skip one turn in order not to miss. This is the occasion to crowd appeal

if the opponent has 1 screamer, keep him netted so you can get the most of your netter

Should you want to resist itimidation, A netter vit is fairly high, also, the higher it is, the more you will take full benefit form the combination of life boost cure and bleedreduce

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