Dual Wielder


A dual-wielder (DW) is a gladiator that uses 2 single-handed-weapons
According to its stats he can deliver from 1500 up to 4500 damage
The latest not necessarily being the best.

The various types of DWs

There are many Types of possible DWs, we'll cover just the main ones

Also, you can mix any of these and Experiment

You can also be creative:

  • the netting-dw is a great example
  • We have seen many more deftard-DWs , screamer-like-speed-based-combox2-DWs, charisma-based-DWs … they are generally speaking less efficient than the ones above but if you think they will overcome an opponent you stuggle with, you should go for it.


DW rely on combox2 and combox4 to inflict damage

With combox2 each strike delivers:
Dmg=(A_DMG x (0.60+point_incombox2x 0.035))

The weapon which is considered is the one which is in your right hand.

With combox4 each strike delivers:
dmg=(A_DMG x (0.60+point_incombox4x 0.035))

  • DMGMIN_T=DMGMIN+((STR)+(STR x 0.1)+1)

The weapon which is considered is the one which is in your right hand.

gear needed

They need 2 single-handed-weapons

Since the weapon which is considered in the calcuation of the damage they deliver is the one which is in your right hand, you should always place a always make sure that he has a single-handed-weapon with high DMG values in his right hand
The DMG value of the left one is not taken into account for the damage calculation. Also in the left hand a stiletto with good bonuses is a much better weapon than a strong axe with weaker bonuses.

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