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Deftards - as the name suggests - use high defense.


Each Attack skill have sometimes different hit probabilities. You will find detailled hit probabilities for each Attack in skill

Even if your opponent uses attacks with highest hit probabilities, as soon as your defense is 180 points over his dexterity he stands no chance to hit you, he will keep missing.
Also, according to your oppoents attack, a 150 difference would make him miss most of his strikes
Hence the deftard.

We will not cover the multiple deftard builds but you have the idea.


Deftards are not really fun to play with and are also often frowned upon as they demand for opponents with high dexterity.
Not everyone owns a dex expert.

Also a Deftard is not a great gladiator, a 350 dex-based-dw or a criter will destroy it easily

Now here is an interesting way of using them:
If you are confronted by a top speed team, that always wins when it starts, you can sneak in a glad with enhanced def.
If your glad has just enough def to make sure that his speedy glads miss most of the time, you can not be accused of using a deftard.
He can no longer defeat you and your opponent has to think of another team setup.

This is called stretching the requirements!

In past tournaments, sometimes gladiators with more than 300 def where disqualified. When setting up a turnament it is a good point to consider such options as fast teams are (considered to be) more "elegant".

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