A critter describes a gladiator using a theorical 100 %* crit rate as a mean to deliver damage

  • it does not mean you will systematically crit, but that over time you tend to systematically crit

This is the only usefull build we know of that uses so much of the tharex tree



arms: lorica-segmentata greatly help since they have no dex malus
body: strong platebelt greatly helps since it has no dex malus
legs: chains-mail greatly helps sinthe they have a speed malus of only -4
shield: your gladiator will have 17 turns of block , give him high block-rate ideally from the blacksmith either a golden kite shield or a golden scutum shield
Weapon: either a spear or a singlehanded weapon It must have damage

stat requirements

DEX: 425
SPD: 196
VIT: 100+
STR 150 +
MP - CHA : 320 MP and 145 CHA or more MP and enouh cha to crowd-appeal full cha in one time

++skill distribution
5/10 shield-bash
5/5 power-attack you will not use it in the fight but you need it to access the tharex tree
15/15 dexterity-boost
1/10 armor-break you will not use it in the fight but you need it to climb further in the tharex tree
15/15 critical-boost
Then according to your weapon choice:

10/10 cure


This built is used to drive both deftards and screamers nut

Critters delivers relatively low damage compare to the other damage orientated builds but:

  • This build delivers systematical crits and the damage dealt is systematically significant if not great
  • It never misses even vs a deftard
  • Since you have 425 DEXdex, if you use block you will get 17 turns of protection
  • it can either fight with his mp then use throw or shieldbash or without with block and strong Attack

Never use power-attack or armor-break you strong Attack crits deliver much more damage

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