This gladiator is a Charisma-based netter.
The main issue of netters is that, once they reach 0MP they are stuck there for the rest of the game, because every time they try to crowd Appeal, the ennemy removes 75 to 80% of their mp and they simply can not reach back the 190 he would need to net again

In order to restore a netter 760 MP in a single crowd Appeal, you would need to have 365 Charisma
Well you can reach 365 charisma but then you can not maintain the 515 speed

Unless it is a [[glad:netting-dw]]], a disguised netter that tricks the opponent, or the Cnetter variant described later on: a netter which is not 515 fast is a useless netter

How to solve this ?

The Buildup technique

You must maintain the 515 speed while relying on equipment to get a sufficient amount of charisma to restore over 75%or 80% of the Cnetter 760 MP
Here is an example:

  • A Cnetter is taken down to 0 MP
  • He crowd appeals and restores 605 MP
  • The opponent intimidate all and removes 570 MP
  • He rebuilt 35 MP !

From there he can either :

  • Use morale all or shield bash
  • Keep crowd appealing , and he will rebuild 35 on each turn , in 6 turns, he will have 210 MP and will be able to net the screamer

needed gear

Exaclty like a screamer but with excellent cha bonus and base bonus
Since you need chainmail legpieces an a bladed shield which both offer crap CHA base bonus please note that :

  • The Strong black thracian helmets offer the highests CHA basebonus
  • The strong large purple galerus armpieces offer the highest CHA basebonus
  • The strong Purple and Gold breastplates offer the highest CHA basebonus

Skill distribution:

As per netter

Stat requirements

The same stats than for a netter but with 271 + cha
At 271, you will build up 35MP per turn and it will take 6 turns to rebuild enough to be able to use net again
The more cha you have, the faster you will rebuild and the sooner you will be able to net once more

variant : A 476 Cnetter

Yes , we know , "a netter slower than 515 is a useless netter", yet this one used under specific conditions is a true Killer

He can only be used with 2 screamers or sCreamers he then fullfill both the roles of the netter and of the damage dealer

needed gear

He has a strong block rate sheild with high DMG, The crafted kite ones and the crafted scutum ones offer a 12 cha base bonus which balences for lost of speed
He could have a crafted high damage spear though he can rely on shieldbash to deal damage
The rest is similar to Cnetter

stat requirements

285 + charisma
476 speed
140 + Strenght
50 + Dexterity
100 + Vitality

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