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Ave Morituri!

Here you can find (and add) information about the game Sands of the Coliseum.

We are the founders, ookeek, Sandurus, and AdVictoriam.

We hope this wiki will guide you to become a fierce warrior and that we will have fun fighting you in the Multiplayer arena.

If you have just started the game, read this: Walkthrough

Wiki = constantly under construction!

The current state of the wiki is always changing. Although we have already put in most of what we know about this game, a lot is missing and a lot is yet to be discovered.


If you would like to contribute you can join the wiki, but you will need a wikidot account to do so.

Before you start editing please…

  • Be polite to all members (even if they chopped your head off in the arena). If they did so, we're sure it was intended to be polite
  • Read the help-section.
  • Do not post something you are unsure of. Discuss it with others if you are in doubt.

If you want to know about something, or simply discuss a subject please post to the forum or use the chatroom if there are other people.

We hope you enjoy.



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